Easy Tilt Hand Truck


1. Handle

The handle is designed for easy pushing and pulling. Additionally, it is considered as an integral part of the frame, connected to the spine and back support to provide a sturdy structure and support the lifting force of the hand truck.
*Manufacturing process: Steel tubes are fed into an automated pipe cutting machine to cut them into appropriately sized bars. These bars then undergo a bending process using CNC tube bending machines, allowing for easy and efficient shaping.

2. Spine and Back Support

The spine and back support are essential components that provide the main structure and stability for the hand truck. They support the handle to bear the weight of the cargo and ensure overall strength and durability.
*Manufacturing process: Starting with large steel plates, they are cut to the desired dimensions using laser cutting technology. Subsequently, the plates are formed and shaped through bending processes and automated welding to complete the spine and back support.

3. Toe Plate

The toe plate serves as the platform for loading and transporting goods on the hand truck. It is commonly made of sturdy materials such as steel to resist deformation or damage.
*Manufacturing process: Thick flat steel sheets are cut into the desired shape using laser cutting technology and then bent according to the required specifications.

***After the shaping process is completed, the components are securely joined to other parts or details using MIG welding performed by robotic welding machines. Finally, they proceed to the electrostatic powder coating line. We utilize modern systems and precise procedures to create an aesthetically pleasing, robust, and durable paint finish.

***In addition, other small parts of this hand truck are also precisely processed and finished. Contact us now to learn more about the product and find suitable solutions for your needs.

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