Fixed Ladder


1. Frame and Rungs

The frame serves as the main structural component of a staircase, providing stability and support. It consists of vertical bars securely attached to the wall or other structures. Rungs are the horizontal surfaces where you place your feet when climbing the stairs, ensuring safe footing.
*Manufacturing process: The frame is crafted from sturdy steel, which is precisely cut and shaped using laser technology. The rungs are then welded to the frame with the help of robotic welding.

2. Frame Wall Through R/L

This component is used when a staircase extends through side walls. The vertical bars of the frame extend through the walls and are firmly secured on both sides, ensuring stability and safety.
*Manufacturing process: This type of frame consists of thick, bent steel bars that are skillfully shaped and welded to straight steel bars. The connection between the frame and the staircase is reinforced using brackets.

3. Brackets

Brackets are essential hardware used to securely mount staircases to walls or structures. They provide strong support and stability by connecting the staircase’s vertical bars to the wall.
*Manufacturing process: Manufacturing Process: Brackets are crafted from thick steel bars, which undergo laser cutting and bending processes. Once prepared, they are fastened to both the staircase and the wall using bolts.

***After the components are assembled, they undergo an electrostatic powder coating process to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish and protect against environmental impacts. We utilize modern equipment and precise techniques to create a durable, visually appealing layer of paint.

***In addition, various other minor components on these fences are carefully machined and finished to exacting standards. Contact us today to learn more about our products and discover tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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