LIPHOCO signs contract to supply European construction technology solutions in Vietnam.

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LIPHOCO signs contract to supply European construction technology solutions in Vietnam.

Linh Phong (LIPHOCO) was established with the purpose of providing products and services in the field of construction and road bridges in the Vietnamese market. With the desire to bring customers products that meet European quality standards at an affordable price, LIPHOCO has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with partners Emmebau and Homy.

“The Vietnamese market needs new and innovative solutions, and we are proud to have the opportunity to popularize European technology and brands in the Vietnamese market,” said Mr. Nguyen Hoang Vu, Director of Linh Phong (LIPHOCO).

LIPHOCO’s flagship product is the Ringlock scaffold, which is certified to meet ISO 9001:2015, EN128-10, and EN128-11 quality standards. Emmebau is a joint venture between Italy and Switzerland and a strategic partner of LIPHOCO specializing in the production of scaffolding and formwork equipment. The company has acquired 40% of Linh Phong’s production plant in Vietnam to expand its business and production network in the Vietnamese market. Meanwhile, Homy, a manufacturer of prefabricated steel, has also entered the Vietnamese market through a commercial agreement with Linh Phong.

At the “New Era of Quality in Construction” event, Emmebau and Homy presented the business and production strategies implemented by Linh Phong, a Vietnamese enterprise that is considered to have a fast development rate and is currently collaborating with leading construction companies in Vietnam.

Linh Phong’s Ringlock scaffold is produced in Vietnam under the design and technical support of Emmebau. The agreement allows Linh Phong to supply equipment such as floor and wall systems, formwork, and other construction equipment for the Europe market.

This collaboration event is also an opportunity to learn more about the Building Peace Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative supported by Homy and Emmebau with the aim of providing safe havens and schools for refugees and those in need worldwide. To date, the Building Peace Foundation has provided many schools in areas in need of support, helping over 3,000 Syrian refugee children living in Jordanian refugee camps access education thanks to massive support from American actress Sharon Stone and the Clinton Foundation, as well as other volunteers. Nowadays, Emmebau and Homy have become providers of the best technical products and solutions that go beyond simply selling quality products. And after all, we see the Vietnamese market as a great opportunity for ourselves, and Linh Phong as the best partner for this new “business challenge,” according to Dario Roustayan, CEO of Emmebau and Homy.growth.”

Linh Phong (Liphoco) feels honored to have been featured in the article by Tieudung magazine about this important event. You can view the detailed article at:

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