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1. Handle

The handle is designed for easy pushing and pulling. It is typically made of durable materials like steel and securely attached to the frame of the trolley.
*Manufacturing process: Steel tubes are fed into an automated pipe-cutting machine to cut them into appropriately sized pieces. They are then transferred to the bending process, where automated CNC tube bending machines easily shape the tubes quickly and accurately.

2. Frame

The frame provides the main structure and support for the entire trolley. It is commonly made of materials such as steel. The frame includes vertical and horizontal beams that enhance stability and durability.
*Manufacturing process: The main axes of the frame are made from square steel tubes. These tubes are processed using automated pipe-cutting machines to achieve the desired sizes. They are then shaped using CNC tube bending machines. Additionally, horizontal bars are made from thick flat steel bars and connected to the main axes using bolts.

3. Grid Deck

The grid deck is a component located beneath the trolley and serves as a platform for storing goods. It is securely attached to the frame.
*Manufacturing process: Grid panels are cut and shaped according to the required dimensions. They are then welded to the square steel tubes of the frame using robotic welding.

***After the shaping process is completed, the components are securely joined to other parts or details, that proceed to the electrostatic powder coating line. We utilize modern systems and precise procedures to create an aesthetically pleasing, robust, and durable paint finish.

***In addition, other small parts of this hand truck are also precisely processed and finished. Contact us now to learn more about the product and find suitable solutions for your needs.

Manufacturing Methods:

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