Rocking Stock Platform Trolley


1. Handle

The handle is designed for easy pushing and pulling of the trolley. It is typically made of durable and lightweight material, such as cold galvanized corrugated iron, securely attached to the trolley frame.
*Manufacturing process: Cold galvanized corrugated iron sheets are cut to the appropriate size using an automated cutting machine. Then, they are bent into shape using a CNC bending machine to form the handle quickly and accurately.

2+3. Twin Platform (Top Plaform and Bottom Platform)

The platform is a parallel surface to the main axis and handle, where goods or objects are placed.
*Manufacturing process: Both the upper and lower platforms are made of flat cold galvanized corrugated iron sheets, which can be customized in terms of thickness. The sheets are fed into a laser cutting machine to shape them to the desired dimensions. Next, they undergo edge folding to form the platform structure. Finally, an automated welding process using robots is employed to weld the corners and connect them to the frame and handle.

4. Frame

The frame serves as the main structure, providing stability and support. The frame is typically made of cold galvanized corrugated iron, which enhances its strength and durability.
*Manufacturing process: The frame of the trolley is constructed using square-shaped cold galvanized corrugated iron tubes, cut to the appropriate lengths and integrated with thicker cold galvanized corrugated iron bars. The crossbars and frame, or the frame and platform, are connected using robotic welding techniques.

***In addition, other small parts of this hand truck are also precisely processed and finished. Contact us now to learn more about the product and find suitable solutions for your needs.

Manufacturing Methods:

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