Folding Security Gate


1. Wall Side Bracket

The wall side bracket is an essential component in a safety gate system. It is installed on the wall or structure near the gate, ensuring the gate remains securely in place and operates accurately during opening and closing. The wall side bracket consists of two parts: the anchor assembly attached to the wall (Anchor Assy – Safety Gate) and the anchor end connected to the gate (Anchor End – Safety Gate).
*Manufacturing process: The production of wall side brackets involves the assembly of multiple components using bolts.
+ For the anchor end, the main method of manufacturing wall side brackets is to use technology to cut and shape large steel plates to the required dimensions. Then, the components are further processed using punching to create holes for bolt accommodation on the main shaft.
+ For the anchor assembly, they are laser-cut to achieve the proper dimensions and then transferred to a folding production line to be shaped.

2. Handle Side Bracket

The handle side bracket is a crucial part of a safety gate system, typically located on one side of the gate. It provides support and stability for the gate while serving as the attachment point for the handle. The handle side bracket is designed to withstand the impact forces during the gate’s opening and closing process.
*Manufacturing process: The production of handle side brackets involves the combination of multiple components through drilling and bolt fastening.
+ For the main shaft and handle, the primary manufacturing method is to use laser cutting technology to create specific sizes and shapes for each component. The handle is made from solid round steel, which is then cut into appropriate-sized steel bars and finally securely welded to the main shaft.
+ For the leg, square steel tubes are used and cut to the required dimensions using a pipe cutting machine.

3. Safety Gate Slat

The safety gate slats are vertical bars extending across the width of the gate, forming a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access or intrusion through the gate.
*Manufacturing process: The production of safety gate slats involves cutting square steel tubes into appropriately sized bars using an automatic cutting machine. Subsequently, the bars are drilled to accommodate bolts and attached to other components of the gate.

***Upon completing the shaping process, the components are transferred to an electrostatic powder coating line. The advanced system and meticulous process ensure a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and highly resistant paint layer.

***Additionally, other small components of this safety gate undergo precise machining and finishing. Contact us now to learn more about the product and find the optimal solution for your needs.

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