Liphoco’s Team Building 2023

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Liphoco’s Team Building 2023

In a powerful effort to cultivate a cohesive and innovative work environment, Linh Phong Company (Liphoco) recently organized a remarkable Team Building expedition in the coastal city of Phan Thiet. This event not only provided incredible experiences but also served as an opportunity for all employees to connect, interact, and strengthen their bonds.

The Team Building journey took place from March 24th to March 26th, 2023. Considered a vital component of the company’s development strategy, the primary objective was to replenish work energy and promote collaboration among Liphoco team members. Additionally, the trip aimed to convey the significant message of “Innovation – Breakthrough – Success” to all employees, nurturing a positive corporate culture that encourages creativity. Liphoco aspires to construct a thriving and progressive company.

During this trip, Liphoco seized the opportunity to organize a wide array of exciting and meaningful activities. Through team-building exercises, employees had the chance to engage in thrilling challenges. Furthermore, interactive sessions, gatherings, and games fostered a lively and cohesive atmosphere within the Liphoco team.

The highlight of the Team Building expedition was the Gala Dinner, an elegant and stylish affair. It provided employees with a platform to showcase their talents and creativity through performances and entertaining games. This not only showcased a strong sense of teamwork but also created a vibrant and motivating environment for all Liphoco members.

The Liphoco Team Building journey left indelible imprints and cultivated a harmonious and innovative work environment. The company hopes that this trip will contribute to its ongoing growth and the creation of a promising future. The vital message of “Innovation – Breakthrough – Success” was effectively and delicately communicated, inspiring all members to embrace creativity and drive sustainable development within the company.

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