Double Platform Cart


(1 + 2) Platform

A platform is a surface on which material sheets such as gypsum boards or wooden panels are placed.
*Manufacturing process: Both the upper and lower platforms are made of flat steel sheets with customized thickness according to the customer’s requirements. These steel sheets are put into a laser cutting machine to create shapes with appropriate dimensions. – The top platform is securely welded to a steel frame to shape the upper platform and serve as the main load-bearing component of the vehicle. – Similarly, the bottom platform is also laser-cut to create shapes and then goes through a bending process to form the platform. Finally, they are transferred to an automated welding process using robots to weld the corners.

3. Side Center Tube

Side center tube plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of the vehicle, contributing to its overall performance and safety. It is typically a hollow or square tube running along the side of the vehicle.
*Manufacturing process: The side center tube is fabricated using hollow or square steel tubes cut to the required length. The tubes are carefully shaped and prepared for assembly. They are then securely welded to both the upper and lower platforms, forming a strong and rigid connection.

4. Caster Plate

The wheel plate is a specialized plate or bracket designed to provide secure and stable mounting points for the wheels.
*Manufacturing process: The wheel plate is fabricated from flat steel sheets, which are cut and precisely shaped using laser cutting technology to achieve the desired dimensions. Subsequently, these shaped plates undergo bending and welding processes to form complete wheel rims.

***After completing the specific shaping of the parts or components, they will be transferred to the electrostatic powder coating assembly line. We utilize a modern system and a meticulous process to create a visually appealing, durable, and robust paint layer.

***Additionally, many other small components on this cart will also be accurately manufactured and finished. Contact us today to learn more about our products and find the suitable solution for your needs.

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