Three Tier Cart


1. Handle

The handle plays a crucial role in controlling and providing stable support for the cart during movement. It is commonly made of square or round steel tubes and is securely welded to the frame.
*Manufacturing process: The handle is made from round steel tubes cut to the appropriate length. Then, through an automated bending process, it is shaped according to the required curves. The handle and the cart frame are connected through the use of MIG robot welding.

2. Frame

The frame of the cart serves as the main structure, providing stability and support. It is constructed using thick and sturdy steel bars.
*Manufacturing process: First, the thick steel bars are cut to the appropriate length. Then, they undergo a bending process to shape them, followed by being securely welded to other components or assembled with other parts using bolts.

3. Trays

The cart features three vertically arranged trays, providing three levels of storage space. These trays are designed to securely hold and organize items during transportation. They are designed to withstand weight and resist bending or warping.
*Manufacturing process: The flat steel plates are customized to the desired thickness according to customer requirements. Then, through laser cutting, they are precisely shaped to the appropriate dimensions. Next, the edges of the plates are folded to form the shape of the tray. Finally, automated robotic welding is used to weld the corners.

4. Caster Plate

The caster plate is a specialized plate or bracket designed to provide secure and stable attachment for the wheels.
*Manufacturing process: The caster plate is manufactured from flat steel plates, which are cut and precisely shaped using laser cutting technology to achieve the desired size. Subsequently, the plates are bent and welded to form a complete wheel plate.

***After completing the specific shaping of the parts or components, they will be transferred to the electrostatic powder coating assembly line. We utilize a modern system and a meticulous process to create a visually appealing, durable, and robust paint layer.

***Additionally, other small components on this cart will also be accurately processed and finished. Contact us now to learn more about the product and find suitable solutions for your needs.

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