Paint Cart


1. Handle

The handle plays an important role in controlling and providing stable support for the moving cart. Handles are typically made from square or round steel tubes and reinforced with crossbars. The handle is connected to the cart’s frame through fixed welding joints.
*Manufacturing process: The handle is made from round steel tubes cut to the appropriate length. Then, through an automated bending process, it creates the required curves. The handle and other components are connected to each other through the Mig Robot welding process.

2. Upper Shelf

The shelf is a critical component that provides additional storage space and organizes paint tools and items.
*Manufacturing process: Flat steel sheets are customized to the desired thickness based on customer requirements. Then, through laser cutting, they are shaped into the appropriate dimensions. Next, the edges are bent to form the shape of the floor panel. Afterward, automated welding is performed at each corner using a welding robot.

3. Holder

The holder in the paint cart plays a significant role in lifting, holding, and securing paint cans or similar items.
*Manufacturing process: In the holder system, which includes thick and sturdy steel bars, these components are laser cut to the appropriate size and then transferred to the bending and shaping production line. These details are connected to each other or to other parts using bolts.

4. Frame

The frame of the cart is a crucial main structure that provides stability and support. The frame is made from thick and sturdy steel bars.
*Manufacturing process: Firstly, the thick steel bars are cut to the appropriate length. Then, they are put through the bending process to create the shape, and subsequently, they are either fixed to other components through welding joints or installed with other parts using bolts or welded joints.

***After completing the specific shaping of the parts or components, they will be transferred to the electrostatic powder coating assembly line. We utilize a modern system and a meticulous process to create a visually appealing, durable, and robust paint layer.

***In addition to these, several other smaller components on this cart will be precisely manufactured and finished. Contact us today to learn more about our product and find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

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